RIO-X is revolutionizing the cryptogaming scene by truly delivering the concept of play.

Raised in Oblivion X

  • In this Survival Game players find themselves locked behind walls in
    Rio de Janeiro slums, where a
    contagious virus is spreading.

  • Their mission? Survive and fight the infected, while collecting in-game items that will improve their chances of survival.

  • By being an on-chain game, RIO-X allows users to own game assets and generate an income through their successes in the gaming environment.

Upscale Gaming Environment

The slum of Vidigal is portrayed to the finest detail, with the addition of elements that convey the
post-apocalyptical theme.

Customer Centric Methodology

RIO-X was released for testing and elected the best survival game by popular vote at BGS (Brazil Game Show), the largest game event in Latin America.

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