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NFT Cards Collections

Each in-game NFT, whether it's a character, a weapon, an advertisement or even a land, contains its own internal characteristics, which are registered in the IPFS and synced with the blockchain. All these objects can be presented as classic NFT and can be sold at every market, exchanging to the currency of your choice.

As the project progresses, additional collaborations with various brands and other projects are planned in order to create complementary mutual collections.

Playable NFT

Every playable NFT belongs to a limited edition skin set, it is extremely rare and can be easily converted to any cryptocurrency at any market, providing full access to the game and all the processes described in this document.

The playable NFT collection consists of 10,000 unique characters ranked in different rarity levels, with up to 7 types of characteristics; there will also be 5,000 unique weapon skins with up to 5 types of traits. These collections will be part of the mother NFTs collection called Genesis.

Weapons Skins


Billboards, advertising, tickets and lands will be temporary in-game items; their main feature is the creation and expiration date. Temporary NFTs can be democratically acquired at the marketplace by selecting on the model map, visualizing the location and the characteristics of the item that will be acquired through a public auction which will occur monthly. Every temporary NFT will grant you access and rights for a limited time at a space determined inside the game. Every temporary NFT that has been used in-game can be negotiated at the external market as a collectible item and it will be available at the wallet but not available on the game.